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"I must be the problem I want to see changed in this world."

It's do or die-everyone needs a signature charity.

I originally wrote about this in 2016. I thought, and still think, that serving and giving to others is the best way to develop purpose and meaning in your life. It staves off depression by thinking of others less fortunate instead of hyper focusing on ourselves. It causes you to connect with your fellow human and community, making us less divisive. A real self help cure all.

But, now it is critical that we participate in the evolution of goodness in our society and turn the tide (literally, turn the tide away from our shorelines!). We are protesting and waiting for governments and corporations to fix this. I don't think they are coming to save us. Or can do this with a few policy changes. In order to solve problems on a worldwide stage larger organizations; churches, schools, governments, communities, cities, states, countries need to engage...us. All of us.

Now I know we have had a robust green movement, corporate social responsibility movement, sustainable, ethical practices, and social enterprise out the wazoo but do we have enough populous participation? Take the billion dollar company I used to work for, they offered a paid day to volunteer for the non profit of your choice. 70% of the days went unused Hundreds of thousands of man hours wasted-why? Was it not good enough to get us to do good? Awesome idea, just not effective.

Now, I don't like to complain about anything without offering a solution. I did design for this company a whole engagement program called the HERO project. A kind of classification process to better pair the cause with the person. Kind of a speed dating for goodness with the intent of getting the user to have a positive first experience that would lead them to a lifetime of service. It died on the alter of corporate red tape, 6 levels of middle management and corporate divisiveness.

I still think engagement is the key. Showcasing non profits, maybe in the form of a volunteer fair or other online placement....maybe even an APP that makes service a no brainer should be standard operating procedure where ever you turn.

What does this have to do with a fashion brand? Other than my belief that style is SO MUCH more than what you put on your body, I would like my children and future grandchildren to know I actually tried to do something. I'm pretty sure that my tackling of textile waste and turning it social enterprise for non profits puts me ahead in this arena but I sure would welcome the company in this goodness legacy and invite the other smart, thoughtful, action oriented people in this world to think about and solve our engagement problem.